Historical Committee


The history of SAREM is recorded through documents of its Annual Meetings (Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología), the people that have contributed as part of diverse Boards or Committees, as Honorary Members, in subcommittees, etc.
This Committee finds, catalogs and documents the history of the Society.


  • To keep a written record and chronologically document the history of the SAREM, its founding members, stories and events.
  • To maintain an archive of SAREM’s historical documents spanning from the origins of the Society to the present, ensuring its continuity.
  • To request and keep records of the Directive Board’s annual balance and memoirs, once their term is completed.
  • To generate a document to include this information and distribute it to all members.
  • To maintain a historical archive available for public consultation.


The main function of this Committee is to obtain and compile documents related to the history of SAREM and maintain them as an updated and accesible archive. The documents should be digitized and a copy of them shall be submitted to the Board in office in order to inform its members about the institutional life of the SAREM.


The documents should be deposited in a repository that guarantees both their preservation in time and their accessibility following the corresponding guidelines (e.g., a public library, an university library).
The choice of repository should be suggested to, and accepted by, SAREM’s Directive Board. Once deposited in the selected repository, these documents may be moved to a different institution only under extreme circumstances.
These documents will be accessible to all members of SAREM.

If the need should arise to relocate these documents, the acting Directive Board should be consulted and will make the final decision.

Contact with members from previous Directive Boards, members of special Committees or others who may be able to contribute historical information in the form of data, correspondence or documents of any type, is encouraged.

The documents will be arranged as follows:

  1. Archives from Directive Boards (documenting activities of each biannual period): cover page indicating composition of each Directive Board, followed by a detailed memoir (e.g., important issues discussed, donations received, website updates), and the Society’s annual accounts and balance sheet.
  2. Archives of each Local Organizing Committee of the JAM (Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología), documenting the organization and account of each meeting: cover page indicating composition of the Local Committee, detail of awards given during the JAM, special mentions, opening conference, workshops and courses within the meeting, number of oral and poster presentations. It should also include the abstracts of all presentations (Libro de Resúmenes), and the group photograph and/or individual photographs of participants.
  3. Archives of the Society’s journal, Mastozoología Neotropical (documentation of its progress): cover page listing the members of the Editorial Board, number of articles and short notes published in each volume, number of manuscripts submitted for publication, detail of Argentine and international works.
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To obtain and compile documents regarding the origin and history of the SAREM, to be included in the Society’s historical archive.


Juliana Notarnicola and Carlos Galliari.

Historical Archive

The archive containing the documents gathered by the Historical Committee is here.