Become a Member of the Argentine Society for the Study of Mammals (SAREM)

Why be a Member?

Your SAREM membership supports research on, and conservation, of mammals from Argentina and the Neotropics. The SAREM facilitates the exchange of information, not only in Argentina, but also in other Latin American countries. Our scientific journal Mastozoología Neotropical is funded by memberships to our Society, as well as our annual mammalogy Meetings, which have become part of the history of the SAREM. Our Society encourages research and conservation with constant involvement in the debate of conservation issues and policies in Argentina.

SAREM makes us become part of a diverse group of professionals who specialize enthusiastically in mammals.

Join us!

Benefits you receive when becoming a Member of SAREM include:

  • Every year you receive two volumes of our scientific journal, Mastozoología Neotropical.
  • Free publishing in our scientific Journal.
  • Eligibility to the annual Awards from our Society.
  • Online access to our virtual library with publications shared by our Members.
  • Register for the Argentine Meetings of Mammalogists (Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología), symposia, workshops, and other activities, at discount values.
  • Important discounts in postgraduate courses organized by our Society or by affiliate organizations.
  • Eligible to apply for SAREM’s Awards.
  • Eligible to apply for grants and scholarships, travel and field work.

To become a Member of the SAREM, get in touch with one of our Regional Delegates. If none of them is available for your area, fill the form on the right side of this screen, pay your annual membership fee (see available payment methods below) and send the invoice to SAREM’s accounting department SAREM. We will contact you as soon as possible to include you in SAREM’s mailing list and other activities of our Society.

Membership Fees

Printed issues of our journal will run up to the year 2017. From 2018 onwards, it will be published online in digital format.
NB: The term student refers to all regular students of any related course of study.

Valid since April 1st, 2019 Válidas a partir del 1 de marzo de 2021
For Argentine nationals
(in Argentine pesos)
Professionals ARS 800 ARS 1300
Married Couples $ 1500 $ 2400
Paying a two-year period ARS 1400 (married couples ARS 2700) ARS 2300 (married couples ARS 4500)
Paying a three-year period ARS 2100 (married couples ARS 4000) ARS 3500 (married couples ARS 6700)
Students ARS 500 ARS 700
Institutions ARS 3000 ARS 3500
For Foreigners
(in US dollars)
Professionals  USD 40
Married Couples USD 70
Paying a two-year period USD 70 (married couples USD 130)
Paying a three-year period USD 100 (married couples USD 190)
Students USD 30
Institutions USD 200

Payment Methods

First Option

Payments may be made to any of our Regional Delegates or via wire transfer or bank deposit to the following SAREM account:

SAREM Current Account
BBVA Frances Bank

No. 475-1298/6 (Beneficiary Account)
BRN: 0170475820000000129864
Tax ID Number: 33-70782409-9

And send the invoice to SAREM’s accounting department SAREM.

Second Option

You may pay online by credit card. SAREM accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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