About the SAREM


The Argentine Society for the Study of Mammals (Sociedad Argentina para el Estudio de los Mamíferos, SAREM), created in 1983, congregates national scientific research activities on living and extinct mammals. These studies encompass a wide range of fields, including systematics, genetics, morphology, physiology, ecology, ethology, parasitology and paleontology.

The main goals of the SAREM are to promote the study of mammals, to coordinate work efforts with other institutions and integrate disciplines at national and regional levels, to contribute to the consolidation of institutional mammal collections, to preserve extant native mammals and their natural environments as well as mammal-bearing fossil sites, and to disseminate the results of research and other work related to living and extinct mammals. Several Committees within the Society are in charge of achieving these goals.

Cultural and academic activities for the dissemination and exchange of mammalogical knowledge are organized and promoted by means of publications, regular scientific meetings, conferences, workshops, courses and other activities.

At present, the SAREM has more than 350 members, including both researchers and students, from different Argentine institutions (e.g., CONICET, national universities, government agencies, scientific and technical associations) as well as researchers from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Perú, Uruguay and the USA.

Specific Goals

  • To encourage and promote coordination among institutions for an interdisciplinary approach to the study of mammals.
  • To promote and contribute to the training of young researchers in mammalogy, both in Argentina and in other Latin American countries.
  • To represent Argentinian mammalogical research and Argentinian mammalogists, before public or private institutions of Argentina and the rest of the world, and especially before similar organizations and associations dedicated to mammalogical studies in other countries.
  • To promote and carry out academic and cultural activities regarding different aspects of mammalogy, by means of publications, regular scientific meetings, conferences, workshops, courses, etc.
  • To contribute to the conservation of native mammals and their natural environments, as well as mammal-bearing fossil sites, promoting enforcement of existing laws and regulations and, when necessary, also supporting the creation of complementary legislation.
  • To promote the defense of our country’s interests regarding mammalogical research and favor the regulation of foreign participation and collaboration in these study fields. To encourage international research focused on our native mammal fauna in order to benefit national collections, research institutes, and the education and training of young Argentine researchers.
  • Other activities or actions aimed at fulfilling the abovementioned goals.
Dolichotis patagonum

Mara or Patagonian Hare (Dolichotis patagonum) at La Plata Zoo

Directive Board

President | Pablo V. Teta

Vicepresident | Javier A. Pereira

Secretary | María Cecilia Ezquiaga

Treasurer | Agustín M. Abba

Guillermo Cassini, Valentina Segura

Surrogate Auditors
Agustina A. Ojeda, Soledad Leonardi

Accounts Reviewers
Mauro Schiaffini, José Coda

Surrogate Accounts Reviewer
María Laura Guichon


The Argentine Meeting of Mammalogists (Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología, JAM) has taken place since SAREM’s foundation, almost without interruption. Researchers from Argentina and other countries attend these meetings to communicate their latest research on mammals.

The SAREM also supports meetings organized jointly with other international mammal Societies (joint meeting between SAREM and the American Society of Mammalogists, Buenos Aires, 1990; First Latin American Mammalogy Congress, Gramado, Brasil, 2006; 10th International Mammalogical Congress (IMC-10), Mendoza, Argentina, 2009).

Additional Files

SAREM’s Bylaw (in Spanish)