Finances Committee


This Committee is in charge of raising funds for the publication of the Society’s journal Mastozoología Neotropical (Neotropical Mammalogy) and for the yearly meetings, the Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología.

The dissemination of research results and exchange of knowledge among mammalogists, at both national and international levels, is a fundamental pillar for the growth of our field, especially now when the issues of conservation and biodiversity have become so relevant.


  • To generate and promote contact and exchange between the SAREM and other institutions, organizations, associations, private companies, and donors to obtain funds for the growth of our Society.
  • To generate, together with the Treasury and the Press Committee, an intensive work plan for recruitment of new SAREM members.
  • To assist the Treasurer in securing funds for the organization of the Annual Meeting (Jornadas Argentinas de Mastozoología, or JAM).
  • To secure funds to guarantee the publication of the journal Mastozoolgía Neotropical according to scheduled dates.

Suggested Organization

This Committee will be headed by a member in charge, who will be in direct contact with the SAREM’s Treasury; and by an assistant member, preferably from the same province, who will replace the head of the Committee in case of temporary absence.
Each of these members will, in turn, designate collaborators among the members of the Society.

On the Terms of Office and Replacements

Members of this Committee will have a two year mandate, and will be re-eligible by the new Directive Board. Members may be asked to resign by the SAREM’s Directive Board in General Assembly, if clear motives are identified that go against SAREM’s guidelines and spirit.

Member resignation should allow enough time for the Directive Board to find a replacement without interfering with the proposed programme. Outgoing members shall transfer all documentation and information pertaining to developing tasks to the new members.


  • To generate and collect funds from advertising in Mastozoología Neotropical, donations, course organization, etc.
  • To keep detailed records of all activities performed during each period and send copies to the Treasurer.


To generate and collect funds by offering advertisement in Mastozoología Neotropical, seeking donations, organizing courses, and increasing the number of members.


Amelia Chemisquy, Carolina Vieytes, and Pablo Teta.