Press Committee


This Committee communicates activities organized by SAREM and resolutions of the Directive Board to all members. It will promote the exchange and interaction between mammalogy researchers and students.


This Committee is in charge of letting all members of SAREM know of the Society’s activities and publish information on mammals that might be of interest to all members and researchers in general.


This Committee will share information about scientific groups and research programs on mammals, scientific meetings, topics discussed by the Directive Board and at SAREM’s Assemblies, publications of interest to the Society, our journal Mastozoología Neotropical, and other news.

Funding for this Committee should be provided by SAREM’s own resources, or from grants and donations obtained and/or destined specifically for these functions, and administrated by the Society.

Magazines and journals


To disseminate information about SAREM’s activities and promote the addition of new members.


Coordination and content
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