“Conservation status, protected area coverage of Ctenomys (Rodentia, Octodontidae) species and molecular identification of a population in a national park.”

D. A. Caraballo, S. L. López, A. A. Carmarán, M. S. Rossi.

Supplementary Online Material 1. Interactive map showing Ctenomys Distribution Areas (DAs), Protected Areas (PAs) and their intersection. To minimize file size, only PAs within the limtis of the distribution of the genus were retained.

The icon located at the upper right corner is an dropdown menu that allows to select/deselect layers of interest. By clicking on a DA shape, the name of the species and its total area of distribution are displayed. By clicking on a PA, the name is shown, according to the World Database of Protected Areas. By clicking on an intersection shape, the name of the species is shown.