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    Andrea Previtali
    Andrea Previtali


    Les re-envío información proveniente de la lista MAMMAL-L sobre un esfuerzo que está iniciando la American Society of Mammalogist para crear un repositorio para información de diversidad de mamíferos que pueda ser facilmente actualizado en base a nuevas revisiones taxonómicas. Debajo copio el mensaje con más detalles y con un enlace a un google document donde se invita a los mastozoólogos a hacer contribuciones sobre recientes actualizaciones taxonómicas.


    Andrea Previtali

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    From: Nate Upham <>
    Date: Wed, May 10, 2017 at 3:36 PM
    Subject: Re: Recent taxonomic revisions
    Dear Jim, Steve, and fellow mammalogists

    Your comments touch on a super important issue and gap in the field since the 2005 publication of MSW3. Thankfully we’ve been anticipating how to address this gap, and in the last year the ASM has funded an initiative to create a readily-updateable online taxonomic database for mammal species. I was (maybe too!) vocal about this issue, and so am now chairing the Biodiversity Committee’s efforts to construct this web database, a major component of which involves assembling an updated draft taxonomy of Mammalia.

    We are approaching being able to release a v1.0 of this draft taxonomy (likely for July 2017), so actually the timing of your comments is a useful reminder that *crowdsourcing* the collective knowledge of this group is one of our goals. We are interested in gathering full citations and synonymies, ultimately going back to the root, and in general serving as a repository for mammal biodiversity information (,, and several bird resources are our model in this regard).

    So with that, I’d like to share a Google Doc here with tabs for new species since MSW3 (834 and counting), name transfers (268 so far), and a name conflicts tab. Please check this out and use the feedback tab to notify us about missed citations, errors, etc:

    Awesome, big thanks in advance for this community’s help— also thanks to the Biodiversity Committee, especially Jocie Colella (Univ New Mexico) and Connor Burgin (Boise State) for helping crunch citations so far.

    I’ll keep this group posted about when our web database goes live.

    Warm regards,

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