Patología en fauna silvestre. Manual y Atlas

Patología en fauna silvestre. Manual y atlas
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Wildlife Pathology: Manual and Atlas

The first manual and atlas in Spanish, published in Argentina, about disease in wildlife. A book for both study and reference, aimed at veterinarians, biologists, pathologists and specialists in wildlife. It showcases macroscopic lesions observed during necropsy, and histopathology images from species such as Puma, Bengal Tiger, Pudu, Tapir, Argentine Black and White Tegu, Toucan and Rhea, among others. It contains a chapter devoted to a Necropsy Protocol and the procedures to be applied in mammals, birds and reptiles.
Also included are 30 pathology records where macroscopic and microscopic findings related to several infectious, parasitic, metabolic and toxic diseases are described and illustrated with more than 350 high quality photographs in color.

The companion histopathology Atlas (included) features photographs of microscopic lesions in normal tissues compared to the disturbances caused by various diseases. A must for specialists and students of disciplines related to Veterinary Medicine and Biology.

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