Mamíferos marinos. Patagonia, Antártida

Mamíferos marinos. Patagonia, Antártida
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Marine Mammals: Patagonia, Antarctica

Field guides to marine mammals have a basic purpose: to provide information on the lives and identities of species, so that those who are interested in life in the sea can understand what they are looking at, why a particular species is where it is, and what is it doing there. An appreciation of these aspects of marine mammals’ life is fundamental to understand how humans should interact with these animals, and how their environment should be managed.

The world-wide development of whale- and dolphin- watching as a touristic activity has already reached the largely pristine coastal waters of southern South America and Antarctica, and the publication of this guide book is, therefore, very timely. Research workers and lay persons alike will derive much from this new edition with updated and improved information.
This book is essential for identifying 50 marine mammal species of the region, and includes 205 color photographs, 90 illustrations and 54 distribution maps.

The authors are well-known, recognized experts in the field of marine mammalogy and marine ecology, who have published many scientific papers and books related to marine ecosystems.

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